Villetta occupies a charming historic building on the border of Santa Monica and Brentwood.  We are restoring and refreshing the space with careful attention to original details, and will

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soon be pleased to present an updated and inviting space for your enjoyment.  Originally built and occupied by renowned architect John Byers, this land marked gem has previously been the home to two successful restaurants.

Whether you enjoy our indoor or outdoor dining, our full menu or small plates, our fine wines or fresh seasonally-inspired cocktails, you will find that Villetta is setting a new standard for fine dining in West Los Angeles and you can even rent a Lamborghini.

Traveling is an art and a spiritual journey to venture out alone with the people you care the most. This fact only stands if you are on the right track and manage to get the best out of the trip. If these criteria are not met, you never know, everything will be a recipe for a disaster. Travel, Fashion, and Food are the most delicate sectors in your life and it is a must that you take keen interest on these subjects. This is where you belong and without deliberate actions you cannot find the real meaning of life, where your soul is. That is to say, that there will be a big hole in your life if you cannot dig deep in such segments of your life. So be careful to reach out to everything you find to grab. Life is short, you better live it to the fullest!

Los Angeles Lamborghini arrival options
Los Angeles Lamborghini arrival options

Los Angeles is a dream place for all but not everybody can have the luxury to afford or fulfill this dream. There are things you need to consider before coming to LA to explore. To make sure you get the best out of the trip, remember to plan hard. It is natural that you cannot cover every aspect or privileges Los Angeles has to offer you, it would indeed take a lifetime! So be ready to get amazed with what LA has in stock for you. The first attraction is the place itself. The home of Hollywood and where stars are born. Be sure to get amazed with the lights and dazzles it has for you to see. The trending cultures, especially the urban touch is something to see. The technological  millennium and the family attraction corner will be loved by everyone who visits. That should be your first thought to try out.

Someone once said that a place is judged by the food it serves and the saying is completely true. If you haven’t had the best food and the variety in Los Angeles, you are still to discover a lot more of this place. The delicacy it had to offer is totally a new trend itself.  Villetta is there to make sure you have the finest food while your stay in Los Angeles you can also visit our preferred vendor at Envus Motors. You are going to like the place a lot with the vintage touch to it. Give your family and the loved ones something more that they have never experienced. The location holds a fragrance of the past where dining was taken as an art as a whole. Take a journey to the past and relish yourself with a top notch service. The yummy dishes and the special variety that we will get in our menu will be remembered throughout and bring your memories when you leave. The standard of dining is preserved through the originality that it was created for. Be sure to take a trip to and enjoy our services. You you love the place and we will be there to make your dining memorable.